Identity development among gay men

TroianoMary Kay Schneider. Citations Publications citing this paper. Nancy J. Stevens Published DOI: Working with lesbian, gay bisexual, and transgender college students: A handbook for faculty and administrators : 13— Have you created a personal profile?

Identity development among Black gay men : the relationship between racial and sexual orientation identity development.

You could not be signed in. In keeping with previous literature, participants experienced a split between the Black and gay parts of themselves and indicated that men do not want to choose between their racial and sexual orientation identities. Google Scholar. Gay men. By using identity development among gay men site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Coming out to self and others was regardless of one's age with the 40s as the latest age found in this study. Smith Only: Off Campus Download.

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A discussion on the importance of language and categories when developing theories and models that are meant to generalize sexual identity development for gay men is provided. Sexual identity and sexual fluidity among gay men and lesbians.

Journal of Homosexuality. Stevens , Peter F. Advance article alerts. Fassinger's model of gay and lesbian identity development is an attempt to model gay and lesbian identity development, taking into account cultural and contextual influences.

Identity development among gay men

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  • Few youths transited from a lesbian, bisexual, or unlabeled identity to a straight identity. Among behaviorally bisexual men (ages 18 – 30 years), Stokes and colleagues () found that over the course of one year, 49% reported no changes in sexual orientation, 34% became more homosexually oriented, and 17% more heterosexually oriented. Clearly, the consistency and change documented by Cited by: However, the notion that identity development must lead to integration left out many lesbians and gay men who were content not “synthesizing” their sexual orientation into all aspects of their lives (Cox & Gallois, ) and it ignored the experience of intersectionality, where individuals manage their sexual identity in addition to race, class, gender, and other significant identities (Purdie-Vaughns, & Eibach, Cited by:
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  • Identity development is a critical task of adolescence and occurs across multiple areas of self identification. Though research on the identity development process among individuals who are ethnic and sexual minorities has been conducted for individuals who have one minority status or the other, few studies have examined these processes in persons who are both ethnic and sexual by: This study examined the relationship between racial and sexual orientation identity development among Black gay men. Preliminary research implied that the relationship between these two processes was complex though there was little research that explored it. Fifty-seven Black gay men participated in an anonymous online survey which asked a range of questions about racial and sexual orientation Author: Sandra Lauren DiPillo.
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