Lesbians and gay men interviewed by Human Rights Watch said

It was daytime, so I opened the door. The following patois words and phrases appear in this report:. He said:. Arafat, the year-old victim of the vicious mob assault described what happened: On August 13,I visited a friend and he introduced me to Hakimwho t old me he was gay. November 26, Report.

We are prohibited from raiding dormitories one by one to see whether or not there are two people in the same room. Skip to main content.

Pearl realized the conversation was being recorded and when she asked why, she said, the police official slapped her. More than people had gathered at the camp to watch the scene, some people even followed the van to the police station.

Sexual orientation of a person whose primary sexual and romantic attractions are toward people of the same sex. Lesbians and gay men interviewed by Human Rights Watch said lesbians told Human Rights Watch that they will have to marry a man because of family pressures. The pastor said I should confess everything before I die.

The Constitution guarantees respect for human dignity, protection of personal liberty, and the right to privacy for all. However, statements being made by some of these same officials feed into public sentiments against homosexuality and protection of the fundamental human rights of lesbian and gay people.

To Parliament Repeal sections 1 b of the Criminal Offences Act that criminalizes adult consensual same-sex conduct.

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Alfred, a year old fashion designer from Accra, told Human Rights Watch that in June he was physically assaulted by Lesbians and gay men interviewed by Human Rights Watch said young men from his neighborhood, Mamprobi, who knew of his sexual orientation.

Furthermore, Ghana has ratified all the major regional and international human rights treaties and accepted the individual complaints procedures under the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the inquiry procedure under the Optional protocol to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

Constance, a year-old lesbian who was also at the birthday party, told Human Rights Watch that she was afraid of reporting the incident to the police because of the Lesbians and gay men interviewed by Human Rights Watch said and discrimination LGBT people often encounter at the Teshie police station.

The following incidents of violence and alleged attacks, reported during a four-month period inillustrate the regularity with which such violence occurs: [49]. Signs of Positive State Action The government should recognize that we are human beings, with dignity, not treat us as outcasts in our own society.

Many reported substantial and unprecedented negative impacts on their ability to contact and counsel MSM. Summary In mid-Septemberthe District Chief Executive in my town called me for a meeting…I was taken to the conference room and made to sit in the middle of about 50 people.

Police should instead be instructed to protect gatherings of sexual and gender minorities from attack by vigilantes and militant Islamist groups. However that has changed. Chapter six of the Constitution sets out the Directive Principles of State Policy, including ones particularly pertinent to the protection of the human rights of LGBT people in Ghana, which must guide legislative and policy measures regarding sexual orientation and gender identity issues:.

The ICCPR obligates states to uphold the rights to life and to security and freedom from cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment.

Lesbians and gay men interviewed by Human Rights Watch said

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