Web page identifying anti- gay laws in such countries

De facto marital union since []. Sexual orientation and gender identity: public employment. Illegal since Penalty: 1 year imprisonment.

LGBT people are banned from serving. GB men can serve. Amnesty International estimates that 5, gays and lesbians have been executed there since the Iranian revolution. Cape Verde.

Много читал web page identifying anti- gay laws in such countries конечно, прошу

Legal since Civil solidarity pact since []. Traveler Alert uses the smartphone's GPS function to determine whether or not a user is in one of the nearly 70 countries where it's illegal to be openly LGBT. Illegal since Penalty: fine, and 3 months to 2 years imprisonment.

Joint adoption allowed. Limited recognition of unregistered partnerships since ; same-sex marriage since Dominican Republic.

Male same-sex sexual intercourse illegal. Ban on conversion therapy on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. South Ossetia Disputed territory. In Papua New Guinea , same-sex relationships were an integral part of the culture of certain tribes until the middle of the last century.

Web page identifying anti- gay laws in such countries

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